“At Arien Group, we strive to give you peace of mind. We offer a one-year Manufacturer’s warranty on all products against any manufacturing defects.”

The Arien Standards

After more than 30 years in the industry, we are proud to offer this manufacturer’s warranty, and confident that we rarely have to abide to this. The Arien Group undergoes a rigorous multi-level testing programme and guarantees that the quality of products and services always meet customers’ requirements and expectations while complying with Australian Government regulations.

At Arien Group, we believe in quality, not quantity. Our products have long been trusted for their quality and long lifespan and all our projects are delivered to Australian standards. We will never jeopardise quality based on price, as we are proud to deliver superior workmanship of the highest quality in all of the projects we undertake, and do not cut corners to make a ‘quick buck’.

You may find other companies that offer international manufacturing to keep costs down, but they do not have the same stringent quality control that we abide to, or have the same relationships with their teams in China. At all times which means we have people on the ground in the factories ensuring that quality is adhered to. We also enjoy having factory premises in Australia, means that we can provide our clients with speedy warranties and supply nationwide if something does go wrong.

With our one-year warranty, our post-sales relationships are always appreciated by our clients. We make sure your projects are built for longevity in order to save you money and time. For more detailed information on our warranty, please contact us.